A relaxed recovery space in South Fremantle

Whether you're a weekend warrior or a pro athlete, recovery massage is the ultimate tool to help you reach your personal fitness goals.

Do you struggle with consistency?

We get it. Life gets in the way of a lot of things. Fitness and health generally is the first thing you compromise. Everything seems harder and more complicated. And when you do push yourself, the next day you wake up sore and worse for wear.

Be able to challenge yourself, no matter what level fitness you are in. Recover well, find your fit.

Imagine being able to find joy in fitness, again. Not having to worry about the pain and the pressure of what fitness ‘should be’. Fitness after all is about finding the best version of yourself.It is challenging, yes. But it doesn’t have to be painful.


Recover RightA huge part of fitness, is recovery. Work with us and get the balance between work and rest.


Live your best lifeWake up without pain and do what you want, without second guessing yourself. Fitness is your key to life.


Stick to good habitsFitness unlocks the mindset you need to keep with good, life changing habits.

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Elite recovery, made simple.

Each session below includes; foot bath with essential oils, 30min percussion massage on feet and legs (customised to your individual needs), herbal tea of your choice.

Normatec Compression Sleeves

30min - $40
60min - $60

Pneumatic compression massage for the legs, arms or hips.

Percussion Gun Massage and Normatec Compression Sleeves

60min - $100
90min - $130

A session with the massage gun and a pneumatic compression massage for the legs, arms or hips.


“As a runner recovering from plantar fasciitis and tight lower leg muscles I’ve been having therapy with Matt. The treatments are proving vital in speeding up my recovery. My legs feel more relaxed after each session, and I’m healing faster.“

Ross (35)
Runner and client

“Matt has a real passion and knowledge for fitness and he explains and helps me to achieve the goals he has set for me.“

Nicola (39)
Personal Training Client

“He has the patience of a saint and we are working slowly but surely back to my fit. We are getting there without injury. Thanks to Matt I have the confidence I can get fit again.“

Nat (54)
Personal Training Client

“I love my running and a good part of my recovery is seeing Matthew and getting the compression sleeves on my legs. I’ve had a lot of treatments and this is right up there with the best. I highly recommend him and his work in recovery.“

James (35)
Runner and client

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the NORMATEC compression sleeves do?

The NORMATEC compression technology massages the legs, arms or hips with pneumatic compression to enhance circulation and reduce soreness, which accelerates the removal of waste fluids in your muscles post workout.

What’s the difference between a traditional massage and a percussion gun massage?

Being massaged with a percussion gun provides deep, specifically targeted vibrations that relax and release tightly wound muscles.

What does the compression feel like?

Amazing! The pneumatic pressure can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit each individual client. Any muscle tightness melts away and the pulsing sensation will leave you feeling relaxed and restored.

Do I need to get undressed or shower post massage?

No! The massage can be performed over clothing and no oils are used. Snug fitting clothing is best as it allows muscle reactions to be closely monitored. All you need to bring is a clean pair of socks!


Matt Whitelock

The concept of Where's Your Fit was born about half way through a 20km run. I spotted another runner approaching and when he got closer I realised he was around 50 years old, lean and muscular, and holding quite an impressive pace. The thing that captured my attention most was that he was smiling.The first thing that came to mind as he passed was, “Wow, it looks like he’s found his fit!”. The rest of the run was spent contemplating my own fitness journey.One of my biggest physical achievements was completing the 60km Ultra Marathon on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. I created a holistically based training programme with rest and recovery being a major focus. The goal was to complete the run in 6 hours, injury free — and I did.I owe my 30 years of injury free training to three powerful words: Recovery. Is. Fitness. Let’s do this together and find your fit.

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